Home Career 3 Vices of attracting and selecting talent that you must purge from your organization in 2024

3 Vices of attracting and selecting talent that you must purge from your organization in 2024

3 Vices of attracting and selecting talent that you must purge from your organization in 2024

3 Vices of attracting and selecting talent that you must purge from your organization in 2024

Have you noticed that as the end of each year approaches, the word “detox” becomes fashionable?

Everywhere they show you how to purify certain areas of your life to receive the coming year in the best possible conditions and this also applies to companies.

So with this article we will help you identify 3 vices of attraction and selection so that you can do a “detox” and cut the roots in your health department. Human talent.

Vice #1 Misuse of job boards

From Worktipper We will always prioritize the use of a portal employer brand to achieve scalable long-term goals in your talent attraction strategy However, we know that using job boards to spread your vacancies and increase its reach, remains a reality.

So if you are going to use them, you must use them correctly.

For this, you must rely on specialized technology for the area of talent attraction ATS that have the multiposting option, which will save you the cumbersome process of manual publication in each portal and will do it automatically.

In this way, you will have a more effective, centralized process and you will be able to cover different job boards; to really identify which ones give you greater diffusion and higher response rates.

Vice #2 Poor preparation of the profile for the vacancy

How many times have you not seen that meme, where so many candidates express their discontent with these vacancies who are looking for a certain position, but want it to perform the function of half a department?

Or from other areas outside of their original responsibilities.

As funny as it may seem, It is just an example of the negative effects of a bad profile raising and its consequences, which never take long to be noticed.

Your company may be doing it in 2 ways: either you are looking for an “expert in everything” who knows about accounting, web development, communications and even public relations, or you measure your candidates according to the collaborator who left the vacant free, that is; You expect them to have the same specific knowledge and responsiveness as someone who may have been with the company for years and was fully engaged in the pace of work.

Both could be giving you problems, causing negative reactions on the part of applicants, who are left with the perception that the company hoping to hire them did not adequately investigate the professional profile they need or is not taking it seriously.

On the other hand, we are also aware that, many times, the requirements are not dictated by the leader of Human talent either recruiter but rather, they are requested by the Hiring Manager but your duty as a professional talent attraction It is to educate and correct your team, explaining to them how dangerous this practice is and how it affects the employer image of the entire company.

Vice #3 Vacancies with outdated salaries

Much worse than the previous one!

If there is something that the new generation of talent does not forgive, it is feeling that their work and effort will not receive the financial remuneration that truly corresponds to them.

For them, providing all their skills, for a lower price than what is valued in the labor market, is a serious offense that they are not willing to overlook or compensate for factors such as “emotional salary” and “learning opportunities.”

There are even many surveys and studies that position a low salary as one of the 3 main factors why a candidate discards a job offer.

For this reason, it is recommended that, every year, salary evaluations be carried out to determine if all collaborators are receiving adequate remuneration and that you always pay close attention to the labor market of the industry in which you are dedicated and the type of professionals they have. in your company.

All this to keep the level of your salaries updated and in line with the expectations of your candidates.

Finally, December is already on the horizon, so it is the perfect time to analyze your attraction and selection strategy, identify if you have any of these vices present and nip them in the bud.

Remember that since Worktipper We have several services to help you overcome these and other challenges when attracting talent, just click here to learn about them.