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It’s summertime and you'll like to start a new job.  Planning should be your first step to finding a job today. Start by doing a few things differently, answer a few basic questions and let your answers guide you:   What type of job are you looking for? Sales, but at a company that is: More bigger company but with steady income flow. Small with clear path for career growth. Same size as your present company, but you need a fresh start.   Where do you want to work and how far will you travel? Time for you to relocate? it's an option to consider. Stay in the same state or travel abroad. Work from home or anywhere you like -  100% remotely from home.   What do you want; full-time, part-time or temp? Full-time — Think about your time, are you focused on just one job? Part-time — Working on some side projects, will need more time. Temporary — Full control of your schedule and choose when to work.   How do you plan on searching for a job? Search with confidentiality and private. Making sure any potential employer can find you. No matter what you plan on doing, answering these questions can give you the first step in forming a plan that will put you on the right path towards getting the job you truly want. After understanding what you want. You'll need to start planning on how to find the opportunity that best fits you. There are a number of ways to look for a new employer and build connection, including:   Networking with Potential employers and recruiters Networking can build connections and friendships that will blossom to meaningful hiring., has a well written article on job networking to find the right position as referred candidates are more likely to get hired , perform better and last longer in jobs. If you expect to stay in sales, check out the online profiles of companies you are interested in. Then, make a list of the people you know at these companies and connect with them on social media like LinkedIn (keep it professional). Explain what you’re looking for in a new position and ask whether there is anything available at their company. Make an impression with a business card or a copy of your latest skills on a card. After networking, stay in touch and communicate with your correspondent at least once per week.   Just make sure when networking, you are actually reaching out to someone of influence.    Online resources: social media and online job sites Online search has completely changed the nature of job searches. According to a 2015 Pew study , the Internet is a top resource for most of today’s job hunters. The study reports that 79% utilized online resources in their most recent job search and 34% say these online resources were the most important tool available to them. Available jobs are listed on most employers’ websites and aggregated to online job boards and career sites. Many allow you to apply immediately with your resume, and some give you the option of being notified when a new listing matching your skills and experience comes up through job alerts. There also are many online recruiters where you can post your resume or apply for a job. They range from more generic job sites like Ziprecruiter ,  Monster  and Indeed to niche sites like — WorkTipper  and  for tech, customer service and sales jobs. These sites allow users to apply filters that narrow their search and most allow for confidentiality. Also, social media has become an important way for job seekers of all working ages and levels of experience to research opportunities, as you can see in the following graphic provided by PEW RESEARCH CENTER . Pay attention to the date the job was listed. Sometimes postings stay on line long after the position is filled because most posting are manually taken down or set on scheduled time frames. If there is a contact name in the posting, a good way to respond to an old listing is sending a short note simply asking whether the job is available and stating your credentials. You may be pleasantly surprised with the result, as someone might reply almost immediately.   Temporary jobs Temporary jobs can be great, especially if you’re looking for your first job and not sure whether to relocate or want to try a new type of job. Temporary work allows you to test whether your goals are workable for you in the real world before applying it to a more permanent position. Online recruiters often have “temporal position jobs” as one of their filters. Alternatively, there are a number of temporary staffing agencies specializing in sales, customer service and technology. Tax season is prime time for finding temporary jobs. If tax is not your thing, though, there is year-round all kinds of specialties. Using a temp position to show off your technical and critical thinking skills can lead to a full-time position.   Recruiters Enlisting a recruiter to help with your job search is yet another option. If this is one of the tactics you plan to use, find one that specializes in accounting in your target industry — from public accounting to craft beer — and location. Also, be aware that recruiters sometimes have strong relationships with particular firms, but not necessarily all of the firms or companies you might consider. Your job search plan may incorporate a number of alternative sources. The most important thing is having a plan at all. Be clear about whether you want your search to be confidential. Most online sources have a way of maintaining your anonymity and trustworthy contacts and recruiters will respect your wishes. It is up to you to let them know that is what you want. _______________________________________________________________________________ is a fast growing digital marketing firm providing startups and small business with marketing tips and software resources. Creator of WorkTipper and other tech startups.
If your having a stand still in finding a new job , you might be the problem but you can fix it. Some brilliant career experts have acknowledged most job seekers can be their own enemy when it comes to finding jobs that fit their skills. When you get started with your job search, make sure to avoid these as best as you can;   Procrastinating For A Long Time "Procrastination is partially due to a normal human tendency to go for what is easy and avoid complexities and uncertainties" says Bill Knaus, EdD. It's normal to procrastinate but you'll need to take a lip very quickly in order to increase your chances of being success in your search process.      Not Specifying What You Have Accomplished What I have realized through the years is how bad accomplishments on resumes are represented. The key here is not to list a bunch of duties, instead provide your accomplishments with real data that includes; revenue, sales, team management etc. The best and catchy resume have numbers that represent your accomplishments.    The Internet Is Watching With Great Power You have the right to live, but finding a job can turn out to be a personality issue. Don't forget the internet, employers will check you social media profiles. If you're the party type, then you have to watch your image more carefully in your social media profiles.    Not Paying Attention To How You Present It's one thing to rush a cover letter because you want to move on to the next application. In most cases, hiring managers will love to see a cover letter accompanied with your resume. Don't rush this process, and also make every cover letter unique for that specific job. This is the first presentation of your self to a hiring manager. If your presentation is sloppy, then you will lose the opportunity in seconds.    Horrible Email Address Using emails like the following: "partyman@...... or sexymama@...... can send your emails straight to spam. Create something tells you're a professional. Your first name and last name is the best option. If your names are taken, just add a number or two behind it and your good to go.  Lying About Your Experience  Keep your resume simple if you have a few years of experience. Don't exaggerate your experience, in most cases you'll be lying and you will not get too far when you can't prove them.    Trying To Be A Perfectionist  If everyone was a perfectionist, we will have a crazy world. Don't try to cut your self short by add all the skills for the job you are applying to. Just let your skills speak for it's self.  Not following directions Job postings have specific instructions. If you don't follow them, you've already failed in applying to that job. For example; Some jobs will say - Add "Account Manager" in subject line. Because you are not being attention, you'll miss that and apply without following instructions.    Change your job search mentality, so you can get your dream job with less hustle. To search for jobs in startups around you, start with our job search engine . _____________________________________________________________________________ Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8+ years. Founder and CEO of (Creator of WorkTipper).
When you start your job search, there are many things to consider from: lots of applications, forms to fill out, professional resume writing, and a cover letter for each application. Keep in mind, you might be incredibly qualified for a job, but there's no guarantee that you’ll get a response when you apply — let alone an interview at the company you want. To get more callbacks for interviews, you’ll need to showcase your skills and demonstrate why you’re the right fit for the open opportunity. You'll need to impress employers with your job specific cover letter and well crafted resume. To get you rolling, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your next job search is a success and you can finally get the job you've always wanted. Clearly Prove Your Skills And Experience In Your Resume With so many applications pouring in, many job applicants don't get the chance to impress hiring managers because they’re submitting a resume that’s not flexible enough to fit the companies requirements for the job. Most candidates find a simple resume template online, that has been used over and over again, then copy the structure to fill in their own resume information. This will make your resume look like the bunch of other resumes being viewed by the hiring manager and makes you look lazy with no creativity.  Lets happens all the time and it's sad to watch. Having an identical resume to everyone else is an easy way to have your application thrown in the trash. Your resume should be unique, well organised, and informative, it has to highlight your best individual skills and experiences that won't be found on most resumes. Try to keep your resume within one page. Even if you’re incredibly proud of your previous achievements, you should almost always try to condense this information into one page and keep it clean, so the employer can scan through it for keywords. Use precise language and don’t go on about what you did at each job with no value. Work on mentioning your best achievements instead of listing them all, and keep jobs out that are irrelevant to the job you’re applying for today. Your resume isn’t just an advertisement for your skills, but a piece of paper that should fill in the blanks of what your potential employer needs. Research the type of company you’re applying to, and look to add information they would find useful and interesting in every way on your resume. Write A Cover Letter That Connects With The Specific Position Think about a cover letter like an essay, how will you get an A+? Remember, employers get hundreds if not thousands of resumes in some cases. No one is going to spend 5 or 10 minutes reading an essay version of your resume. Your cover letter should start off with a few interesting lines that hook the reader into reading more or wanting more, which they will find on your resume. Within the letter, build a connection with your skills, experiences, work ethics, internships and volunteer work, you have done in the past. Keep you cover letter short, try keeping it within 6 sentences that actually make the hiring manager want to read to the end. How to Interview Like The Pros Do There is no other way to get that job you want than building confidence. Your complete knowledge of the job requirements and duties will ensure success in 99 percent of job interviews. Researching the company, practicing, and reviewing similar sample Q&A's make a difference, but you won’t last a minute in the interview chair if you have no confidence in yourself. So confidence is the ticket to getting you on the right track. If you can’t make your work experience sound exciting to you, why should the interviewer be interested in listening to you? When an employer sees someone who’s affirmative in their convictions and knows what they’re talking about, and answers with a sense of authority, the hiring manager’s confidence in your abilities will immediately increase and your consideration for the opportunity will go up a notch if not more.   Conclusion As you job search for that perfect position, keep in mind, there’s no precise way to go out and get a job, as every employer has their own criteria. Also, everyone has their own way of preparing for job interviews, writing their resumes, and creating cover letters that connect with employers. But following these tips provided will give you the best chance of success in the jobs market. Just make your content standout by being unique with your cover letters, resumes and keep you head high with confidence when seating in front of a hiring manager.    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8+ years. He is currently founder and CEO of (Creator of WorkTipper) and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.
Looking for job might feel like working without being paid. You’ve just graduated from college or you’re making a career change, starting a job search can be stressful and frustrating. So in order to find the right job, you need to conduct a targeted job search to find what best fits your skills or talents. Follow these job search tips to increase your chances of impressing employers and getting hired within a short period of time. Your Resume/Portfolio Speaks Volumes, Create A Strong One Your resume/portfolio will represent you as the first document a potential employer will see, so make sure it casts you in a positive and accurate manner. There are a few ways to make a good first impression with your resume when creating one: Write very strong and relevant education, work experience, and career accomplishments sections that will connect with the employer. Proofread your resume before sending it out (a lot of grammatical errors can hurt your chances). If you find it to hard at reaching a well written resume that will catch the attention of employers, it's better to have a profession resume writer help you create a resume that will work.  Use Online Job Search Engines To find your perfect position, start by looking at job boards in the niche you are interested in. Most top job boards add thousands of new positions every month that might suit you. So take action every day, look for open job listings, get your resume ready and to every position that matches your skills (the more volume of choices the better).   Things to include with your resume/portfolio A cover letter Your cover letter should be written for each position you apply for - make sure it's completely different. Include why you want to work for the company and why you think you’d be perfect for the position. This should help engage the employer at first glance. Network with other  professionals in your field In today's job market, it’s about who you know. If you know someone within a company, you are much more likely to land a position. That person can put in a good word for you, and you will have a much better chance of getting a job. Also network with previous classmates and co-workers who are working and might know of an opening at their employer. Example: Today, you can use social networking sites like; Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, and ask your contacts if they know of any open positions at their company. Interview answers Create 10 interview questions and answered that might arise and practice them thoroughly with a friend. Make sure you can cite examples of by heart depending on the question.   Use Company Websites With Career Sections Build a list of the companies i your niche and search for the ones you’d like to work for  then submit your resume through their websites. If a company has an open position that you’re qualified for, don’t hesitate to send over your resume and cover letter directly from their site. Remember, sometimes the most creative and daring job seeker is the person who lands the job, not necessarily the most talented. Keep that in mind.    Use Local Recruiting Agencies Focused in Your Industry Staffing agencies are still relevant today depending on your profession. They have access to more job openings and can help you obtain a position faster than on your own - Why? Because they get paid to do so. A recruiter will be the first to look over your resume and determine what position would be the best fit for you. In most cases, recruiters are free since they’re working for and charging the employers after you've been hired. When using a recruiter also remember you have choices, don't go for a job that you won't like because it was recommended by a recruiter.    Conclusion Now that you understand how to get started with your job search, how will you approach the job market from here on? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA. 
After all these years, you've acquired knowledge, skills, experience, stayed motivated and worked hard in every capacity. But now, employers are not giving you a chance to reach your full potential? You may have to improve your branding, and update your resume/portfolio. You will face this issue through your career, even the most skilled and experience experts still make mistakes or forget to improve their image to represent the present state of their career. But this is not much of a problem if you change today and start working on your image.  Because you have an branding problem,  some employers may by pass your skills, not because you lack the right talents, but because your skills are presented in a not so organized way for the employer to understand you as a person which then translates to your image. With that said, there are a few things you can do to change this never ending cycle.  Here are some tips on tackling this problem; 1. How Do Others View You  Sometimes your best might not be what others see. You may think of yourself as a terrific sales engineer, it's possible that your previous employers found you an average sales person, but they loved your motivation and personality. What I mean here is, you never have to be the best at what you do - you can always be the best at what you are passionate about and still success in a getting your dream job.  2. Look The Part  A positive personal brand is about more than performing well at work, it's about showing what you can bring to the table if help is needed. You must also present yourself in a way that is professional. Keep in mind, everything you do in a professional setting defines your image, so always be conscious of your presence and make an effort to keep improving your image in front of potential employers. For example: if you have an email like its better to change that and adopt a more professional email for work. Make it simple - also try to include your first or last name in your email address, this gives the employer a first impression of trust 3.   Select An Industry You'll Enjoy Don't fall prey of being worker of all, master of none. Specialize in something your passionate about and pursue it. Use those skills to build a strong footing and keep improving on your skills, this will also help you narrow your job search down to companies that will take the time to review your skills. Obviously while looking at job candidates, a recruiter wants to make sure you have the essential skills, related work experience, and a relevant degree - if needed. 4. Improve Your Online Persona Since you looking for a job, start with a LinkedIn profile because people look you up before they meet you, and be careful with the content you upload on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These days employers will search for you to see how well you manage your image and if you will be a good fit for the company culture. Unless your in the entertainment industry, there is no need posting partying pictures all over you social media wall for others to see. When an employer views your personas, they a bound to judge you based on the image to portray. (Sadly, this might not represent you but that's what you chose to show the world.   Conclusion Need help with your online presence or branding? Start with Social Media . Get better organized profiles and keep your portfolio pages clean and informative.   __________________________________________________________________________________ Divine Tumenta  is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.
How's your job search coming along? The job market has been pretty crazy in the past. Most jobs today have no qualified applicants making it harder and competitive. With this fiasco, some candidates are becoming very creative in getting notice to get the jobs they want. As crazy as some of these situations sound, they have one common denominator: they worked. The candidates captured their target employers' attention and sometimes even landed the job . With that said, to ease the stress of looking for a job and feeling like you're actually working without pay, you'll need to get creative and responsible.    1. Create an impressive Portfolio or Resume Create unique resumes for each position that doesn't fall under the same category or field.  Okay now you are think, why does that matter? Well it does because, if your applying for a tech job in marketing - You'll want to have a marketing resume not a software developer resume. It might sound like a nothing, but you'd be shocked at how many qualified candidates lose job opportunities based on this simple fact. Making this mistake off the back, might come across as - you do not pay attention to detail and that might turn off the company who desperately needs you help.    2. Be Present and Responsible Online Today, we live in a very connected world, so use that to your advantage. Most hiring managers search for your on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter or even Google you to see what pops up - so you need an online profile that accurately represents you as a professional, focus on LinkedIn. Your profile should match your resume, be full of job-specific keywords, and be 100 percent professional, don't use filler words. Keep all your social media pictures clean and professional especially you LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Also broaden your job search depending on your skills and industry experience .    3. Build Relationships That Matter Starting that new job you love can be simpler than you think. First, you'll need to know people who know people! This can get you a referral. Second, the person who refers you - can also put in a good word to the hiring manager, this will help elevate your profile. To get started, search for groups on Facebook, set up local meetings with social connections, ask friends for referrals if the position matches your skills, just invade the minds of others if you really need the job.   4. Know The Company You Are Apply To Before you step your toes through the door for an interview, make sure to research and understand what the company does. Spend some valuable time on the company's website, understand the industry - if you're not familiar with the products. Have some well targeted questions for your interviewer and ask them with confidence at the end of your interview.   5. After Your Interview Reconnect back with your interviewer by sending them something memorable, it works. Every time they see it, that reminds them of how thoughtful your were to do that. After a week or so - if no response, don't be afraid to call the hiring manager and ask for a status. This also shows how interested you are, if you were third on the list - I'm pretty confident you just gained more point and might just be the person filling up that position.  Make it a habit to  be organised and you will tank your future self with the dream job you've always wanted. As you move forward, you can start your job search with WorkTipper - We'll always have your back. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8+ years. He is currently founder and CEO of (Creator of WorkTipper) and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA. 
We live in a modern world, so we should work for modern and dedicated companies who want to change the world. I created WorkTipper to achieve this goal, while also helping startups and tech businesses find the right skilled talent.  To get started with WorkTipper, here are a few things that can help you get situated and ready to start your adventure to new possibilities. I'll breakdown what to expect and how to use WorkTipper to your advantage.   WorkTipper For Employers Companies looking for new talent can signup free on WorkTipper and post up to 3 jobs free for 30 days. This will enable you to test drive WorkTipper with no hassle or credit card needed. Here is an example of your account: This includes 3 sections for easy navigation through tabs.  Once you signup, verify your email and log into your account, this is the first screen you'll see.    Signing up, Login and Post jobs After you've completed the signing up and login process, you can start posting jobs to your account. You can post up to 3 jobs for free with a duration of 30 days live on WorkTipper. (Check premium packages like; Small business and Enterprise for posting to 100+ job boards and sites).   Applicant Tracking  Once job seekers start applying to your open positions, you can track all resumes and portfolios straight from your applicant tracking system. You will be able to see where your applicants are coming from based on our network of tech job boards. (Enterprise package includes Resume and portfolio search options with full access to all hiring tools) Company Profile With your company profile, you can add as much detail about your company as you'll like. You can also change your password, add pictures and other options to create a standout profile.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WorkTipper For Job Seekers Lookign for a tech job that best matches your skills is important, so now you can have a free way to manage your job search on one platform. With WorkTipper, job seekers can create a free account, post up to 3 resumes or portfolios and apply to jobs from companies that best matches their skills.   Signup, Login and Apply to Jobs After completing the registration process, you can login , post your resume and start applying for jobs instantly.  Once you are signed in, you can post up to 3 free resumes in different expertise.    My Applications As you browse around applying to your favorite jobs, all the jobs will appear under "My Applications" tab. This will include the positions and jobs you've applied to from day one.   Account Settings Under applicant account settings, you can change your password, add photos and manage your account structure to your fitting. (We also have premium accounts that let you do way more - like Featured Resume, Resume Writing etc).   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now that you understand how WorkTipper can help you reach your goals, how do you plan on using this platform to achieve your goals? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8+ years. He is currently founder and CEO of (Creator of WorkTipper) and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.
Where do you look for jobs in your field? Preparing to find the perfect job, but life just keeps turning you around. Once you have created a clean and ready to go resume, you can start looking for jobs in your field that can put you in the right job. Make sure to use all the tools available at your disposal to find the right career path.  Remember, finding a new job is similar to working for yourself - focus on a path on building your career, rather than a paycheck.  As you start on your path to a new job, it's time to use the right tools in your niche. Since you're in need of a new job, lets not waste anymore time and get you going! Use these niche job boards to your benefit and search for jobs that focus on your niche.    Here are some popular niche job board sites, apps, and tools: Industry specific job search websites help you focus your efforts on the field in which you’d like to work. These sites are outstanding in their respective niches.   1. - Search jobs in digital marketing, software engineering, design and sales. With exponential growth, WorkTipper is ranked around the 500,000 website in the world. Launched in January 2017, and has more than 100+ companies in it's database. More than 20+ new jobs are posted daily.  2.  Bank Jobs  - Love counting money? search for bank Jobs, it features listings for banking and financial jobs in the USA.   3. – Looking to break into the business of culinary arts? It can be an exciting field for people who love to cook. is the place you need to visit on the web to give you an edge in this competitive industry.  4. –  For financial professionals seeking positions in investment banking, asset management, trading, auditing, risk management, and securities, to name a few, this is a go-to website for you. The site also provides job market news and salary survey information. 5. –  This site specializes in restaurant jobs, for servers, chefs, restaurant managers, hostesses, and more in big time restaurants around the U.S. Listings are updated daily from various restaurants.  6.  Political Job Hunt  - Political Wire is a daily collection of articles on political and current affairs.  They also host Political Job Hunt, a collection of politically-centered jobs and careers.   7. – Logistics is big business these days, and now is an exciting time to begin a career in this field. helps job seekers find careers in Transportation, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Distribution, and Manufacturing among other areas. It also provides a weekly alert for dispatchers. 8.  College Recruiter  - College Recruiter is the leading niche job board for college and university students searching for internships, part-time employment or seasonal work.   9. – Offering more than 500,000 healthcare jobs throughout the U.S., is the first stop you need to make in your job search if you are looking to build a career in the health care industry.  10. – Aside from offering a healthy job board for sales professionals, offers an excellent range of sales training services, as well as articles on topics of interest within the field of sales. 11. – This site offers nearly 87,000 job options for talented individuals in advertising, marketing, design and creative pursuits, and geek and web related positions. You have the option of searching by the date jobs were posted, the name of the job, the company, and job location. 12. – Dedicated to media jobs, this site offers over 800 journalism jobs around the world. In addition to traditional full-time employment opportunities, you can find freelance work and internships to foster your career. 13. – People interested in building careers helping others will certainly want to take a moment to check out The jobs listed here are all for nonprofit organizations and include jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. 14. – This site is among the top 50 sites in the world according to and carries a resource portal for talented computer programmers, engineers, and developers looking for new opportunities or for career advancement. 15. JobsInSports - Jobs in Sports is America's most up-to-date sports job boards. They cater to all levels; from entry-level to executive positions.  16. – Behance is an awesome community for creative professionals and a great place to find creative gigs (permanent and freelance). Members also have access to useful tools to showcase their portfolios online and connect with others in the field. 17.  IEEEJob Site – Offers a searchable database of available jobs in engineering. Provides job seeker tools, such as a resume builder tool and the ability to search for jobs by employer. 18. – From Department of Transportation jobs to Department of Veteran Affairs, the government’s official website for government jobs is Job seekers interested in federal jobs can apply online, and learn about eligibility, pay, and benefits. 19.  - is a leading job board for the construction, design/build and engineering industries. 20. TranslatorMaven - Translator Maven is a simple  job board that provides special opportunities to multilingual candidates.  You now know where to find jobs in different niches, how will you start your career path? ________________________________________________________________________________ Backlinkfy is a digital marketing and resource site for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. 
You are a recruiter and in need of a software solution to get you organized with your jobs prospects, but nothing seems to be working out. In most cases, most people applying for jobs must have gone through an application tracking system to screen the applicants for a given position based on the job requirements. Applicant tracking systems can allow managers to organize their hiring process by digitizing some or all of the following functions; messaging, interview scheduling, on-boarding, candidate evaluation, background checks, and much more. Using an applicant tracking software often saves managers time and allows them to better identify top candidates for the position being offered. To help recruiters and hiring managers solve this problem, here are 5 Tools that will streamline your hiring process and save you tones of hours in your recruiting process.    1. Beamery Beamery is a software solution with complete hiring tools allowing managers to source candidates, track candidates and create a branded careers page for their business. This software integrates with more than 100 to collect information and automates outreach to turn them into active candidates. Perfect for startups.   2. Big Biller Big Biller is an Applicant Tracking System and recruitment CRM system created by Top Echhelon. Using Big Biller, managers can email resumes directly into the resume database and manage all candidates. Great for corporations.   3. BirdDogHR BirdDogHR is a ATS that offers a number of hiring solutions including recruitment, on-boarding and performance tracking of applicants. You can also do background checks for candidates. They also have a team that can help you through all your hiring needs. This will work well for small businesses.    4. Bullhorn Bullhorn is an applicant tracking system that allows you to track and on-board candidates in your hiring funnel. The software also allows managers to source candidates by posting to job boards and through a social recruiting feature that integrates with your social pages. This will fit well with Mid-size to enterprise businesses.    5. Comeet Comeet is a software solution that allows recruiters to source candidates using a custom built careers page and job boards. Comeet then offers a suite of tools to track and improve applicant performance. They offer a huge knowledge base with good interview questions for your candidates. This tool works best for small to midsize companies.  ____________________________________________________________ You can also post jobs to 100+ job boards and sites. Track all applicants through a simple intuitive dashboard. To get started with finding a skilled talent for your job opening, get a free account with a 15-day trial with WorkTipper . ................................................................................................................................................................................................ Divine Tumenta  is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of (Creator of WorkTipper) and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.