Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seeker/Expert FAQ


How Do I Search for Jobs on WorkTipper?

Just enter the keyword(s) and location on the job search page or from the "Search Jobs" tab on the top of the page to thousands of digital marketing and technology jobs from across the web.

Do I have to Pay to search for Jobs?

No. WorkTipper will never charge job seekers to find a job. Dive right in and search for jobs, save jobs in your account, apply, create job alerts and post your resume online - at no cost to you.


Can I find a Job based on Location

Yes! In addition to entering your city/state or zip code, you can also filter jobs based on distance. Set a distance range of up to 100 miles from your desired location.


How can more Jobs show up in my search?

You can use the job location filters to search for jobs further from your area or try  a broader keyword search.


I will like to get Job Alerts, how do I get started?

Find the jobs alert box and enter your email with frequency alerts. 



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Employer FAQ


How do I Post Jobs?

Simply sign up for a free account and select a package. First time recruiters get 3 free job slots for 30 days.


What is a Job Slot?

Job slots represent the number of jobs you can have live on the job boards at any given time. See Select Package page.


How many job sites does "WorkTipper" Post my jobs to?

WorkTipper distributes jobs to 50+ of the most visited job boards, websites and social networks on the Internet. We are always adding more job boards and sources of job seeker traffic to expand the audience for your job posting(s).

Jobs are posted to partner sites in one of 2 ways:

  • Your jobs are automatically distributed via job feeds to our more traditional partners. Ex. Ziprecruiter

  • Free PPC for 7 days on and for all recurring packages.


Can I pick the job boards that my Ads will up on? 

No. The WorkTipper system automatically distributes your post to all of our 50+ job board partners. You can track your candidates using our ATS or your own software.


How long does it take for my job(s) to show up on outside job board sites?

A new job posting will usually take 1-3 days to appear on outside job boards. Also, when you edit your job description, your changes will take about 1-3 days to be reflected on outside job boards. Likewise, if you close the job it will take 1-4 days to be removed from other boards.


How long will my Top Jobs stay active? 

It varies. To ensure that your job is featured non-stop. Signup for a recurring package, this will also help you reach more qualified applicants.


What if my Job is evergreen or left open all year round?

Get a recurring package.


How Many Jobs can I post to WorkTipper?

Depends on your package preference and limits.


Do I have to Pay Extra Fees for each job board?

No. Once you are a WorkTipper subscriber, you'll pay no extra fees to post your jobs to the majority of our partner job boards. Except for advertising with pay-per-click like; Indeed - PPC system.

Why can't I just post to all these free job boards?

You can do that, but we think it is cost you more and wasting time. WorkTipper was created to make this process more efficient, effective and smooth. Plus, you'll receive all candidates into one easy to use dashboard rather than trying to manage it all through your inbox. We even integrate with the top paid boards like indeed and Ziprecruiter so you can do everything in one easy tool.


Why no phone numbers and email address in my job description?

To avoid unnecessary interruptions. "Apply Now" button to submit resume takes that away. so your information is not visible to job seekers. 


Can I send candidates directly to my Application Tracking Software (ATS)?

Yes, you can add a Custom Apply "URL" for each job you post. Jobs will be sent directly to the application page created by your ATS.


When will I start to see activity on my jobs?

A new job posting will usually take 1-3 days to appear on outside job boards, so you should start to see some activity after 48 hours.


Why can't your post for my company?

At WorkTipper, all new accounts go through a verification process prior to posting or sending off your jobs to partner sites. If a hiring company’s job violates our Terms of Use, we then terminate the account immediately. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, it's our responsibility to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the jobs being posted on our site for the right candidates to fill them.