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Frame, the glasses that want to bring out the colors of the Vision Pro

Frame, the glasses that want to bring out the colors of the Vision Pro

The Brilliant Labs glasses, which aim to rival Apple’s Vision Pro, have a starting price of $340 and weigh just 40 grams.

Are $3,500, 600-gram glasses really the glasses of the future? Maybe not, but that’s what Apple wanted us to believe with its vaunted Vision Pro, which, in any case, has been showered with praise from experts. However, its onerous price is by no means a trivial barrier for Apple’s new device. The American reporter Mark Gurman, who prides himself on knowing Apple’s news before anyone else, recently assured that The Cupertino company’s Vision Pro would not look like real glasses (with a much smaller size) until 2027 at the earliest.

However, things could speed up much more, and it will not be thanks to Apple but thanks to Brilliant Labs, a small American startup that has pulled out of the hat AI glasses that are as light as they are affordable and go by the name Frame.

Frame are much cheaper and lighter glasses than the Apple Vision Pro.

Inspired by pioneering devices in the field of smart glasses, such as Google Glass, Brilliant Labs glasses, which are not designed for augmented reality applications, They have a starting price of 340 dollars (around 320 euros) and are now accepting pre-orders, which are expected to be delivered in April.

Frame, Reality Lab’s glasses, stand out for their lightness. Compared to the Apple Vision Pro, which weighs between 600 and 650 grams, The Frame weighs just 40 grams and, in line with its light and comfortable design, it can be worn all day without fear of eventual headaches.

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Frame’s wireless connection to the smartphone offers the user unlimited mobility. But glasses hold much more wonder within them. The Frame, which can also be used with people with vision problems, is a carrier of advanced AI functionalities, including Brilliant Labs’ Noa chabot and an application that displays information directly in the user’s field of vision.

The device also integrates the most advanced technologies in the AI ​​universe, including GPT-4, Stability AI and Whisperer AI. This makes it possible for the user to recognize and react to both visual content and audio format.

AI transforms Frame glasses, which look like normal glasses and are not heavy headsets, into sophisticated personal assistants (as long as they are connected to the internet, that is).