Home Productivity Starting the day winning does not always mean “swallowing that toad”

Starting the day winning does not always mean “swallowing that toad”

Starting the day winning does not always mean “swallowing that toad”

Start the day doing the most important task…

I have always been a declared defender of this super habit. I have been practicing it for twenty years… and may it be for many more years.

Nevertheless, each person has their own biological rhythm and not all people are more productive in the first hours of the day. After all, we don’t all have to have the same habits, each person is different and you and I can look for different things. But with that being said, I openly “recommend” this wonderful habit because establishing this starting routine helps get your focus and energy on track for the rest of the day.

What do you really earn? (every day)

Key Tasks, those that form part of the backbone of your day, are those that are essential in our work and generate palpable results. By starting the day focusing on these tasks, we capitalize on our optimal state of mind and fresh energy. Here are some powerful reasons to adopt this habit:

1. Resource Optimization

(For most people) When we wake up, our mind is at its peak sharpness and ready to take on significant challenges. Starting with an important task allows us to channel our energy intelligently, enhancing the value of each minute worked. And knowing how to choose what you do based on the energy you have is one of the key details of your production system.

2. Time and Moment Advantage

(This is my favorite) As the day progresses, incoming interruptions and problems can hinder our ability to focus on meaningful tasks. By tackling a key task from the beginning, we ensure that we spend the necessary time on it and, most likely, close it. And finishing these kinds of things is vital.

3. Eliminate Improvisation

Many people start the day without knowing what to do or where to start. Hence they go directly to ask the Post Office (it is easier to get carried away than to decide). In other words, clear ideas are lacking and improvisation is unnecessary. Starting the day with what is most important makes it easier to choose, helps you focus, and directs your initial energy toward some weight and results. As the day goes by you will no longer be able to decide what you do or what you focus on, others will do it for you (boss, clients, colleagues, family, etc.).

4. Generates Satisfaction and Motivates more

One of the bosses I had in my life taught me the brutal importance of starting the day winning. With something “meaningful” (he said). Not only because of the obvious results that it will bring, so that it will allow you to move forward, but because completing an important task at the beginning of the day generates unique satisfaction. While others are doing minor tasks or “moving papers” at the Post Office, you have already achieved an important milestone in your day.

5. Fewer Distractions, MORE FOCUS

The first hours of the day are usually quieter and with fewer interruptions. This calm allows you to focus on things that require more concentration and detail. Noise and distractions are usually less, allowing us to focus our minds on the tasks ahead. I don’t mean to say that there are no interruptions or distractions at the first hour – there are some – but that there are fewer. And that is an advantage that we cannot miss… every day.

And what about swallowing the “toad”?

The popular “Eat That Frog” technique aligns well with this habit of starting the day with the most important task… although (attention) it is not exactly the same.

  • I suggest you start with the most important thing — sometimes it will be the most uncomfortable, unappetizing, boring or voluminous. But not always.
  • “Swallowing the bullet” as your first task may mean doing something that, in terms of results, may be insignificant.

Brian Tracy’s “Swallow that Frog” technique encourages you to tackle the most complicated or uncomfortable tasks as soon as you start your day.


When you face the most difficult tasks from minute one, you experience a feeling of achievement and satisfaction, which boosts your motivation and confidence. By completing these tasks quickly, you will gain peace of mind and confidence to attend to simpler tasks and the inevitable unforeseen events that occur. Plus, by tackling difficult tasks right away, you’ll prevent the buildup of stress and anxiety, allowing you to have a clearer, more focused mindset for the rest of the day.


However, this technique demands self-discipline to tackle the most difficult tasks right away, which can be a challenge if you tend to procrastinate. Also, not all tasks fit into this, as some may require more time to plan or prepare. You should also consider flexibility, as urgent or unforeseen tasks may arise that require your immediate attention, forcing you to adjust your priorities. Not everything is white vs. black nor is there anything immovable written in stone.

I am in favor of the following:

  • If there is a “toad task” but it’s not important or relevant (effort = results), better schedule it for another time of the day or week, and seek to break the friction it offers by other means.
  • Start each day with a Key Task. By taking advantage of the mental acuity of the early hours of the day and the fewest distractions, you give yourself the best opportunity to do meaningful, satisfying work.

I have always defended that each person has to choose and build their Habits according to a) what they are looking for and need; and b) her preferences and tastes. But given the incredible results I (and many) get from starting with the most powerful task, I can’t recommend it enough.

Go for it!