The big brands in the fashion world have invested thousands of dollars to optimize the display of their products, and the showcases are no longer a simple decorative space in the stores. No, the display case is the face of the brand to the world, and one of the most effective tools that generates 25% of the sales of a commercial premises.

Why is this article talking to me about fashion and shop windows? You might ask…

Pay attention to this data!

Even with the unprecedented and exponential growth of communication channels, according to a study by Potential Park, 80% of candidates use the career pages or career sites to research your potential employer, above social networks.

Now suppose you are convinced that your candidates They know your vacancies on any other platform. Well, a LinkedIn report ensures that 59% of candidates They usually visit the Career Site from a company after learning of a job offer published in another medium (job portals, social networks, university portals, aggregators, etc.).

That being the case, your page “Work with us” It becomes the most spectacular showcase of your company and what it has to offer as employer brand… beyond the available vacancies

This portal is the nerve center of recruiters’ action. And you should consider it, not only to publish job offers, but as the Joker of your play, the ace up your sleeve in your marketing strategy. Employer Branding.

It is a space in which the organization can show its best face.

Career plans, testimonials from your collaborators, list of benefits, corporate team building activities, transmitting the corporate culture and differential values, and in summary, the Employee Value Proposition o Value Proposition for your employees.

And here we leave you a friendly reminder!

A successful employer brand is one that knows how to easily communicate what makes it unique, that is, the concrete answer to the question “Why should I work for this company, and not go to the competition?”.

And just as the visual merchandising of the showcases of the big luxury brands plays a fundamental part in the marketing strategy and helps generate conversion, desire and brand positioning, the Career Site of your company must be developed strategically to connect more easily and attract quality candidates, reduce selection costs, differentiate yourself from the rest, enhance your employer branding and transmit a dynamic and winning brand image.

The more arduous the battle for available talent becomes and the more sophisticated acquisition strategies become, the more attention we must pay to our career sites since its function, as we have seen, transcends the publications of vacancies:

Attraction of quality talent

A well-designed and updated Career Site is a powerful marketing tool to attract quality talent. Posting job openings makes it easy for the right candidates to find opportunities that best fit their skills and experience.

Improved candidate experience

Candidate experience is a crucial consideration in the recruiting process and applicant decision making. An optimal career site can simplify the application through easy-to-complete online forms, provide information about the selection process and response times, reducing uncertainty and improving the overall experience.

Brand and reputation building

We have already seen that a good Career Site is a “showcase” of the organization’s culture and values, which can attract candidates who are attracted to these aspects. Additionally, a positive candidate experience on the job portal can lead candidates to share the information on their social networks, consequently benefiting the company’s reputation as an employer.

Facilitate candidate management

In addition to attracting candidates, it also facilitates their efficient management. Through applicant tracking systems (ATS) companies can effectively organize and evaluate applications received, saving time and resources by eliminating the need to review paper applications or scattered emails.

A candidate portal also allows you to accumulate a bank of applications that will be useful later, since the right candidate for the position will not always apply when the vacancy is open.

Data and analysis

A well-implemented Career Site provides companies with valuable data to improve their selection process. They can track metrics like site traffic, lead conversion rate, and traffic sources. This data can help you make informed decisions on how to optimize your recruiting strategy.

Your employer brand page must be prepared to surprise and catch the profiles that have already shown interest in the company and that require a final push to make them want to be part of it. Therefore, Human Talent teams must ensure that the Career Site meets the following premises:

✔️Make a good impression on the visitor. ✔️Be intuitive and pleasant.
✔️Have storytelling consistent with the identity of the employer brand.
✔️Introduce you to the company closely.
✔️Show you active offers.
✔️Awaken the desire to be a collaborator.

These are just some ideas of the information that can be included on your company’s Career Site:

▪️ Awards won (especially if they are awards related to the Human Resources sector, starting with the rankings of the best places to work).
▪️ Growth statistics.
▪️ Expansion and internationalization plans
▪️ Stories of personal improvement and work success.
▪️ And of course, the social benefits they offer to their collaborators cannot be missed.

In addition, it should be simple, have concise application forms that facilitate the candidate experience, have quality multimedia content, and ensure that it is responsive; since 72% of active candidates use a smartphone to search for a job.

Investing in the development of an efficient and effective Career Site can make a difference in the success of an organization, especially in a competitive and constantly evolving labor market.

And just like large luxury brands, companies that understand the importance and take advantage of the showcase offered by having a strategically optimized Career Site are better prepared and at an advantage to capture the attention of the desired talent among their ranks of collaborators.