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The keys to optimize your resume and stand out

The keys to optimize your resume and stand out

In the journey of finding the perfect job, the key to standing out and opening professional doors starts with a solid CV. Do you know how to optimize your resume?

We ask Josefina Guerra Psychologist and Career Counselor in Working.com, everything you need to boost your career. Let’s remember that the CV is your letter of introduction to the world of work, and knowing how to highlight your skills and experiences can make a difference.

8 key tips to optimize your CV and make it stand out from other applicants.

1. The first impression: Title of the document.

The first step to improving your resume is to make sure the title of your CV catches attention. Instead of the typical “Resume,” use your first and last name to create a memorable impression. You can also add your profession or the name of the position for which you are applying.

2. Professionalized Personal Information

In the personal data section, simplify and professionalize. Please indicate only your contact number, email and consider adding your LinkedIn url for a more professional touch. Remember that you can customize that url to include your name instead of random numbers and letters.

3. Protect your Privacy

Avoid sharing sensitive details such as RUT, full address, marital status and date of birth, especially if you are going to upload your resume to social networks such as Linkedin. The security of your information is crucial in this digital world.

4. Third Person Professional Narrative

Write your CV as if an external narrator were talking about you. Avoid using the first person to give it a more professional and objective tone.

5. Organize Strategically

Organize your experiences in chronological order, highlighting the most recent first. This structure allows recruiters to quickly understand how you have progressed professionally.

6. Focus on the Key Details in your Work Experience

When describing your job responsibilities, follow an order based on their importance. Place the most relevant responsibilities at the beginning to capture the recruiter’s attention from the beginning.

7. Certifications and Courses: Adding Value

Mention the courses and certifications in which you have participated, indicating the subject of study and the institution that offers them. This demonstrates your commitment to constant learning and your relevance in the job market.

8. What if I don’t have work experience?

If you do not have work experience, highlight your participation in activities such as volunteering, student associations or social organizations. Emphasize your skills and the positive impact you have generated.

Don’t forget to update your resume regularly. As you add new skills or experiences, be sure to reflect these changes to keep your profile always active.

With these tips, you can optimize your resume and it will become a powerful tool to highlight your skills and attract professional opportunities. Follow these steps and get ready to stand out in your job search!