The Top 10 Biggest Job Mistakes for College Grads

College grads often make a number of mistakes when it comes to finding jobs. These mistakes are not always intentional, but they can have a big impact on the job search process. In this article we’ll go over some of the most common and damaging errors that new graduates commit when looking for work.

-not interviewing;- not sending thank you notes;- no follow up;- no questions asked;- no cover letter;- bad social media employer image;- too many applications and interviews in a short amount of time (or even worse, refusing to apply at all); – lack of networking skills or interest in the company or industry they’re applying to work for;- poor attire at interview or work place.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these mistakes and see how they can be avoided.   

Not interviewing

Interviews are one of the most important parts of the job search process, but many graduates don’t give them enough attention. In fact, sometimes they feel like interviews won’t even be necessary, that they’ll just get the job by sending in a resume. Well, maybe this sort of thing happens to some people, but if you’re really interested in landing an internship or full-time position, then you have to do everything you can to sell yourself during an interview.

An interviewer will usually have more than one candidate to choose from, and although they’ll be evaluating different people’s suitability for the job, it’s up to you to prove that you’re special. All too often we think we don’t have to prepare for interviews because we know our stuff already.

We might feel like we don’t need interview practice before getting a real job; however, practice makes perfect, and by practicing you can actually learn quite a bit about how to handle interviews. Before your first real interview, you should practice with friends or family members who already have some experience in the type of career path that you want. One good way to prepare is to watch “The Interviewer’s Playbook” on YouTube .

It’s also important that you don’t show up to the interview just expecting the interviewer to like you. You have to really want this job, because if you don’t, they’ll be able to pick up on your lack of interest right away.

Not sending thank you notes

Sending thank-you cards after interviews is not only common courtesy; it’s also an interview technique that can help you stand out. Almost everyone sends them, but not everyone brings it up in their cover letter. If you’re particularly interested in the job and think it might be a good fit for your skillset, then let the interviewer know that during your thank-you note.

If there are certain things about the company that you like, bring them up in the note. You can also mention some of your own skills or qualifications that would help you excel at the job. If you don’t bring these things up during the interview, then it might look like you’re just sending a generic thank-you note to get yourself out of an awkward situation.

Remember, this is your last chance to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

No follow-up

After you send in your thank-you note, there is usually no contact between hiring managers and candidates until they contact you with an offer or a rejection letter. This period of silence can be very intimidating for many job seekers. If time passes without hearing anything, you might try reaching out to the interviewer. This isn’t an admission of weakness; it’s downright proactive and shows that you still want this job.

Not asking questions about the company or industry

It can be really difficult to get any information about a potential employer before applying at their website. Unfortunately, sometimes we apply first and then try to find out more about the company after we’ve submitted our resume. This can be a big mistake. If you apply for an internship or a job without researching anything about the company beforehand, you definitely won’t stand out from other applicants.

Having no idea about what the company does doesn’t help your case either. It shows that you’re not very interested in the company, and it also makes you look like a bad candidate. If you’re not sure how much research is enough, then try to understand everything about the industry that the company operates in.

In your interviews with different companies, bring up what you know about their field or industry because this will show that you did your homework.

No cover letter

Not sending a cover letter is one of the biggest mistakes that college grads make when they start looking for jobs because it shows that you’re not really interested in this specific position. Your cover letter can be just as important, if not more so, than your resume when it comes to getting an interview. For example, your cover letter can be particularly strong if you already have some knowledge of the company that you’re applying to.

Not dressing for success

We all know how important first impressions are, and in most cases they can even make or break your job interview. Studies show that 93% of employers say that their employees’ dress is so important that it affects their opinion of the applicant’s interview performance. This is why it’s really important to dress appropriately for interviews, as well as for your first day at work.

You can judge what appropriate dress is like by asking people that you admire how they dress on a daily basis, especially those who are currently in jobs that you want. If they’re dressing a certain way, then it’s probably a good idea to dress the same way when you go for an interview.

No networking skills and no interest in employer or industry

Searching for jobs without utilizing your personal contacts is a bad idea because this puts you at a disadvantage compared to other applicants who do use their own network of friends, classmates, and acquaintances. Not only that, but you also have to try and sell yourself to the hiring manager all by yourself. This is one of the worst mistakes college grads can make because it makes them look really bad when they have no experience in the industry or company they’re applying to.

Bad social media employer image

It’s not just what you say on social media, but also how you present yourself. This can be enough to get you rejected for a job or internship before you even have the chance! Your social media employer image is extremely important since it shows potential employers what kind of person they’re hiring.

If something on your Facebook page looks bad, then it will reflect poorly on you when potential employers view it. It’s always a good idea to review your social media profiles before submitting an application for a job in case you need to update anything.


There are many mistakes that college grads make when they start looking for jobs. One of the biggest is not sending thank you notes after an interview, which can show a lack of interest in the company or industry and also be embarrassing to your interviewer. More than likely, marketers who struggle to win customers either haven’t been prospecting the right way or aren’t putting in enough effort. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 job mistakes that college graduates often make- so hopefully these tips will help!

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