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What is the cost of living in Canada for foreign students?

What is the cost of living in Canada for foreign students?

Many people like you are also thinking study in canada to boost your professional profile and give your life a 180° turn. However, it is very likely that you have a question that keeps spinning in your head: What is the cost of living in Canada for foreign students?

This is very understandable, but don’t worry, here you will find everything you need to know and you will realize that If it is possible to study and live in Canada.

And yes, it is a reality that the cost of living in Canada is a little high, but it is a very feasible destination if you have the necessary information to plan your study trip. And here, of course, we will be telling you everything.

Don’t let go of this article, Find out about the costs of studying and living in Canada as a foreign student. In addition, we will be sharing a series of tips to save your money when living in one of the main cities in Canada.

Initial investment to study and live in Canada

It’s time to get out a calculator and pencil! To calculate the initial investment of the cost of studying and living in Canada, you must take into account the following aspects that may vary, increasing or decreasing the value of your investment for this experience:

  • Plane ticket: This of course will depend on your country of origin and time of year, but the price is around 500 CAD.
  • Health insurance: on average you will have to pay 40 CAD, But of course, this will vary depending on the company and coverage.
  • Visa fees: Each visa has a different price, but to give you an idea, the student visa costs 150 CAD, and the Work and Holiday visa costs about 156 CAD, somewhat more expensive than the student visa.
  • First weeks of accommodation: In case you haven’t found the ideal place to settle yet, there are places that will charge you about 20 CAD per night.
  • Payment for your studies: Depending on the studies you want to do, the value will vary, for example, if you want to do university studies you should consider an investment that is between 9,000 to 12,000 CA.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a diploma, certificate or perhaps a postgraduate degree, these study programs have a different price that ranges between 7,000 and 9,000 CAD per semester.

On the other hand, the total cost of master’s degrees ranges from 22,000 to 36,000 CAD

Cost of living in major cities in Canada

There are many cities to live in Canada and they are generally very varied, both in their lifestyle and in their cultural and leisure offerings.

Below we will tell you how much it would cost you to study and live in these main cities in Canada.


The perfect union between architecture and nature. In this city You can enjoy the best of two worlds, beach and mountains. Living in Vancouver is ideal if you are looking for quality of life, well-paying jobs, and opportunities for academic and career growth.

These are some of the expenses:

  • Accommodation: 600 to 1,400 CAD
  • Transport: 101 to 182 CAD
  • Feeding: 280 CAD
  • Basic services: 100 CAD
  • Internet: CAD$85


This is characterized by being one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in Canada. Its streets are full of museums, galleries, theaters and very fun festivals are organized every year.

Now, how much do you need to pay for your stay in this city? Below, we detail some basic expenses:

  • Accommodation: 450 to 600 CAD
  • Transport: 9.50 CAD
  • Feeding: 240 CAD
  • Basic services: 100 CAD
  • Internet: 50 CAD


A city full of multiculturalism that captivates with its museums, its forests, its lakes and its incredible gastronomy.

In addition, it is a city full of opportunities for attractive and well-paid jobs.

Now the million dollar question, How much does it cost to live in this city? Take note of the expenses that we will mention below and start organizing yourself now:

  • Accommodation: 850 to 1100 CAD
  • Transport: CAD$156
  • Feeding: 250 CAD
  • Basic services: 100 CAD
  • Internet: 50 to 80 CAD


Located north of Vancouver, this city It has the best places for lovers of extreme experiences, You will find areas for mountain biking, ski slopes and even a pretty exciting nightlife:

  • Accommodation: $850 CAD
  • Transport: $2.50 CAD a ticket
  • Feeding: $360 CAD
  • Basic services: $90 CAD
  • Internet: 70 CAD

5 tips to save costs when living in Canada as a foreign student

1. Plan your monthly money and avoid additional expenses: One way to save living in Canada as a student is not to waste your resources. To do this, we recommend making a list of all your fixed monthly expenses, so you will have a clear idea of ​​how much you spend and what you spend it on.

2. Cook at home whenever you can: Avoid going out to eat at restaurants or places on the street as much as possible, look for healthy, economical and of course delicious recipes so that you don’t spend a lot of money.

3. Take advantage of outlets and garage sales: Learn to find discounts and take advantage of garage sales to get secondhand things at a very good price, this will be a great saving for you.

Almost all stores in Canada have areas of sale items and also large outlets on the outskirts of the cities with good brand clothing at very good prices.

4. Use public transportation: Living in Canada as a student has its challenges and one of them is transportation.

The best thing you can do when you arrive in Canada is to get a Presto Card, which will allow you to travel unlimitedly on all types of transportation from different companies without the need for money or tickets, you will simply have to pay a fixed monthly payment. In addition, you can benefit from many discounts.

5. Take advantage of student discounts: In museums, theaters, cinemas, books, music, telephones and much more you can get discounts by presenting your student card. Research those that suit you best and take advantage!


As you could realize, the cost of living in canada It’s a bit tall.

However, there are many ways to make money to cover your expenses and, of course, save on some things to be able to face everything that may come your way without problems.

Remember that having a detailed plan and doing good research about the place you are going to visit will be key to making your stay the best and never lack the resources to enjoy your study experience in Canada.