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10 key trends in the world of Influence Marketing in 2024

10 key trends in the world of Influence Marketing in 2024

María Pombo, Ibai Llanos and Xuso Jones are crowned among the influencers most admired by companies and agencies, according to the “Influence Marketing SCOPE”.

He Influence Marketing It is a booming strategy in the world of brands. In their revolution in the world of marketing, influencers have definitively changed the way advertisers interact with audiences. And it is in this panorama, where content creators are crowned brand ambassadors, who SCOPE presents the first edition of «Influence Marketing SCOPE»a study that analyzes the dynamics of Influence Marketing between brands and agencies in Spain.

In this way, the study analyzes the present and future of “Influence Marketing”, also highlighting in its first edition the 10 main trends of this strategy from the world of marketing and communication, as well as the most admired influencers and companies in the sector.

Hector Abanades, Research Manager at Scopen, highlights that Influence Marketing, in Spain, is characterized by a high investment in “Post” and “Audiovisual”, the diversity in the choice of influencer profiles, and the importance of creativity and knowledge in the agencies. «Despite the general satisfaction, The key challenge is the professionalization of the sector -both in the definition of the role of the influencers themselves and in the relationship between brands and influencer agencies- which constitutes one of the main barriers for brands to carry out an Influence Marketing strategy,” highlights the professional.

10 key trends in Influence Marketing in Spain

Trend 1: High turnover and tight budgets

The report «Influence Marketing SCOPE» of SCOPE It stands out that the participating companies invoice, annually, an average of 291.3 million euros, with an average Influence Marketing budget of 237,540 euros. It must be taken into account that part of the budgets managed by the agencies are allocated to the payment of influencers. Of every 100 euros that a company invoices in Spain, it therefore allocates 8 cents (0.08%) to Influence Marketing.

Trend 2: High investment in “Post” and future growth in “Audiovisual and Audio”

“Post” (content on social networks) is crowned as the item to which the most budget is allocated (31%), followed closely by “Audiovisual” (25%). For their part, “Streaming” and “Audio” do not exceed 16% of the total budget in Influence Marketing.

The “Audiovisual” and “Audio” disciplines are expected to grow the most in 2024, as reported by more than 4 out of 10 professionals. While “Streaming” is the one in which the greatest uncertainty is evident.

Trend 3: closeness, credibility, prescription and reach, the words that best define Influence Marketing

Definitions vary among agency professionals and advertisers. The terms Closeness, Strategy, Authenticity, Return and Analysis are the terms most used by agencies when referring to this strategy. While advertisers highlight, above all, Reach, Influence, Engagement and Recommendation.

Trend 4: visibility and brand awareness are the main objective of companies

When investing in Influence Marketing, 55% of advertisers look for Visibility and Brand Awareness as the main investment objective, followed by Positioning and Brand Image. For their part, the KPIs most taken into account are Reach and Engagement, closely associated with the objectives for which they invest.

Trend 5: Native lifestyle macro influencer, the most hired profile

The most popular influencer profiles are Lifestyle (81%), Famous/Celebrities (61%) and Trendy among young people (54%). According to the report, Macro Influencers are the most hired by the number of followers, followed by Micro Influencers and Fame Influencers.

Trend 6: Cases are the key factor to being on an agency long list

The work developed by the agency for other brands (its cases) and its own experience are key factors for choosing Influence Marketing agencies. They are also the main tools that marketers are guided by when choosing creative/media agencies or communications consultancies.

The recommendation of a colleague or friend, and the influencer portfolio are two other frequently mentioned aspects.

Trend 7: creativity, knowledge, data and service to define the “Ideal” agency

Through the interviews carried out for the report, SCOPEN highlights that aspects such as Creativity and Knowledge are the most important qualities that an agency must have to be considered exemplary, along with Data and research and an efficient Account Service.

Trend 8. High level of recommendation, although NPS slightly lower than other types of agency

The recommendation index (NPS) of Influence Marketing agencies is high (+41.3), this is due to the high satisfaction of companies with their current agencies, although it is slightly lower than the recommendation of creative/media agencies or communication consultants.

Trends 9: high level of satisfaction and low willingness to change agency

More than 85% of clients are satisfied with the service they receive from their Influence Marketing agencies, and only 11% are considering a change, mainly due to lack of customer service and dissatisfaction with account service. Only 1.5% of customers declare dissatisfaction.

Trend 10: the professionalization of the sector, the greatest challenge of Influence Marketing

The biggest challenge for the world of Influencer Marketing is without a doubt the «Professionalization of the sector», which is positioned as the challenge most mentioned by both advertising companies and specialized agencies, followed by “Content/product credibility.”

Influencers most admired by companies and agencies

The SCOPEN report also reveals the names of the influencers most admired by business and agency professionals on the national scene. This listing features Maria Pombo in first position, followed by the streamer Ibai Llanos and Xuso Joneswho closes the top 3.

She is followed by other content creators such as Laura Escanes, Lola Morenobetter known on networks as “Lola Lolita” or Aida Domenech (Sweet). Ana Iglesias, Marta Lozano, Ana Brito, Luc Loren and Telmo Trenado They also stand out among the content creators most cited by professionals in the report.

SCOPEN Influencer Marketing

In addition, the participants in the report highlighted some of the companies that they most admire due to their Influence Marketing strategies. The company most valued for its influencer campaign is Multi-opticsand are followed in second place by brands such as L’Oréal, Miravia, TOUS, Netflix or Vice.

Campaigns such as “Goico’s favorite burgers”, by VICIO, “Mírame”, by Miravia; and TOUS with “Made of sound”, which are among the most mentioned, all three sharing the first position in the ranking, followed, also in a tie, by Zalando with “La Verbena” and Netflix “Las de la last row”.

Regarding the companies most admired for their Influence Marketing strategy, The real is crowned first place, followed by Zalando and Mahou San Miguelwhich closes the Top 3.

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